Ottawa Mystery challange 2016 - dog trainier

Ottawa mystery challenge 2016

Dog trainer device

Once again it's a mystery challenge and this time the mystery component is same as before (ir distance sensor) but I'm not allowed to do the same thing (kinetic-lance) so I have to do something new.
My daughter is deep in to dogtraining and wanted me to do some project to allow a dog to communicate by pressing buttons or something.
The first tought was a few "that was easy" buttons from staples but they are quiet hard to press on (with a nose) so some other thing is needed. Was thinking some kind of pad with a switch but then this challenge came up and of course that is the answer, use a distance sensor to see if a paw/nose is above a picture of walking outside and if so play a sound snippet saying "walk", and same for other things like food, play, go outside and so on.
This can be done in multiple levels. Starting with fixed pictures of 3 things to have a monitor showing things and have them change depending on action (can't get treat all the time)/time of day (no food before 5) and so on.
Details to be worked out but the basic part of sensing if a nose/paw is in the sensors path is the common part and that's what we start with.